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Thomas is an artist and adventurer for over 37 years. Through uncommon, inspirational and growth-promoting works, he leads people in their search for creative ways to enjoy their lives. His work has been shown in 22 countries and he loves to travel! 


Thomas was awarded his MFA from Yale University in 1995. His long career as an artist includes notable positions as teacher of art, media and design at Yale University, Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design in New York City. He is regarded by the New York Times as one of the world's leading color theory experts, was filmed by PBS, awarded faculty of the year at Parsons, appeared in Allure magazine as a color commentator on the Hunger Games films and in InStyle magazine for social planning. His most recent venture is the co-founding of ENGN {engine} a progressive civic creative organization focused on connecting art and life.

His work has always focused on being present, "drawing air", resulting in a life well lived and loved. The works develop out of a passion for the foundations of nature, how things grow and the energy needed to accomplish those transformations. 


Thank you! I will be in touch.

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