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What Makes a Village | Cardboard Village

ENGN, an educational organization in Callicoon, NY invited students to build a village with all the essential elements. They started with a boutique hotel and then a train station, as the hotel was in NYC and we were two plus hours away. Some other students arrived and asked if there was a farm - no, there wasn't - so they built one. Then after building shanty towns, "pig unicorns" (every village needs one), a museum (ala Gerry), a water treatment facility and a police station one of the students said, "how do we get from place to place?" - as there were no roads. And a passerby snarkily said, "do you only supply the rich with electric?" as all the power lines were high up at the penthouse level. James (a student) replied, "no" and proceeded to put in electric to ALL buildings and roads were built.

Lastly, the group realized that there were no social services. So they built it...but the only room was way out of town. They then thought about it and decided to move the police station out of town ("as no one really wants to go to the police") and social services needs to be within walking distance as many people do not have transportation. Maybe these kids could be in charge of legislation and the running of our towns? Maybe they will be one day.

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